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Multimedia box, conference table electric lift cable-free socket 


Hidden desktop sockets are divided into ...

Product Specification

Hidden desktop sockets are divided into two types: pneumatic lift type and electric lift type.

The pneumatic lifting product adopts the combination of pneumatic rod propulsion and elephant trunk locking mechanism, and runs smoothly up and down. The three-sided or four-sided functional module interface device is used to fully meet the use of guests on both sides of the opposite side. When the electric lift socket is in use, press the electric button lightly, the built-in function panel slowly rises, and the power supply and the interface of each function module appear on the desktop. When the socket is closed, press the electric button lightly, and the built-in function module panel will slowly descend. The power supply and each functional module panel are hidden in the socket, and the socket plane is flush with the desktop after closing. The electric socket implements a line integration structure, integrates more functions on one side, has no noise, has stable performance, and can accommodate multiple people. It is an ideal choice for high-end meeting places.

Product Features:
1. The mechanical lift is designed with pneumatic rod propulsion and elephant trunk lock mechanism, which is convenient and fast to operate;
2. The electric helical lift adopts the design of the gear motor and the rack tight fitting mechanism, and it rises slowly during operation, stable and without noise;
3. The mechanical lift and drop type adopts three-sided installation of functional parts or four-sided installation of functional parts to meet the mode of sharing a socket on the opposite side, saving desktop space.
4. The upper and lower functional interfaces of the entire product are connected by a female seat-to-female docking method, which is convenient to use.
5. The interface of the mechanical lifting socket module can be exchanged or produced according to the requirements, and the function selection can be diversified and combined;
6. The panel is made of high-grade hard aviation aluminum, which is oxidized, drawn and colored.

Multifunctional Desktop Socket, Solder Free Socket, Pop-Up Desktop Socket 


Product name: Multifunctional desktop so...

Product Specification

Product name: Multifunctional desktop socket

Product features:
The panel is formed by one-time die-casting of aluminum-magnesium alloy widely used in notebook computers, which is light and strong; the cover is flipped with damping, and adopts high-quality dampers, which bounces slowly and powerfully. There will be no problem of normal no-load, weak bounce after wiring, and can not be opened normally. 6-bit module space, which can be freely combined as needed.

Panel size: 266*130MM
Box size: 224*108*70MM

Configuration: two multi-function triangular sockets, network, telephone, microphone, VGA

Pop-up desktop socket 


Pop-up desktop socket size:138*135mm...

Product Specification

Pop-up desktop socket
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