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Product Specification




Product Specification




Product Specification




Product Specification

HDMI HD Splitter one in two 


HDMI HD Splitter one in two Specifica...

Product Specification

HDMI HD Splitter one in two

1. Input Video Signal: 0.5 -1.0 volts p-p
2. Input DDC Signal: 5 volts p-p (TTL)
3. Max Single Link Range: 1920X1080, 1080P
4. Output Video: HDMI 1.3 + HDCP1.0/1.1/1.2
5. Resolutions DTV/HDTV: 480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
6. HDMI Version: HDMI 1.3
7. Operating Frequency: Up to 225MHz
8. EIDI Duration: 4 seconds
9. Power supply: DC 5V

Features & Benefits:
1.with signal buffering, amplification capabilities
2.can be connected in series by more than 15 meters of long-distance
transmission (expansion) stacking the method, you can significantly increase the number
of HDMI output ports for high-definition video, high-quality, clear, up to
1080p HDTV resolution
5.easily connected to multi-channel audio receiver equipment
6.fully support HDMI 1.3, support for 3D support CEC is fully
compatible with HDCP1.2
7.quick installation, simple operation
8.the output image vertical pixels up to 1080 lines, in line with
HDMI1.3 standards, compatible with the HDCP protocol

Accessories: HDMI distributor, a manual, a power adapter, a color box.

The Digital Toslink/Optical SPDIF to RCA Audio Converter 


Converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audi...

Product Specification

Converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R audio
Supports sampling rate at 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 KHz
24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels
Easy to install and simple to operate
Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission

The Digital Toslink/Optical SPDIF to RCA Audio Converter lets you convert a 2-channel Digital Coaxial or Toslink/Optical SPDIF input signal into an RCA analog stereo output.

Perfect for home and professional audio applications, this SPDIF to RCA audio converter saves the cost of upgrading equipment for compatible connections, and offers separate Digital Coax and Toslink inputs for dual-function conversion. The small form factor design makes it suitable for installation into virtually any location, regardless of space constraints, while still providing a lossless audio signal. Plus, the digital coaxial or Toslink to RCA converter supports plug-and-play installation, saving you time and hassle.

2.0 Specification

Input Connector : 1 - Digital Coax Audio (RCA) Female
1 - Toslink (SPDIF; Optical) Female

Output Connector :1 - Stereo Audio (2 x RCA) Female

Audio Specification:2 channel (stereo) supported

Sampling Rate:32,44.1,48 and 96KHz

Size(L-W-H): 51x41x26MM


Operating Temperature:0℃ to 70℃

Operating Humidity:10% to 85% RH (no condensation)

Storage Temperature: -10℃ to +80℃

Storage Humidity: 5% to 90%} RH (no condensation)

External Power Supply:5V DC @1A

Power Consumption:0.5Watts(Max)

Converter Unit Cert:FCC.CE, RoHS

Power Supply Cert:FCC.CE, RoHS

AC Power Adapter:US,EU,UK,AUS Standard etc

USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio Capture 


USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio Capture...

Product Specification

USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio Capture
Key features:
* Include professional and easy to learn & used video editor software: Ulead Video Studio SE DVD
* Popular USB2.0 interface and not need other power
* Capture High- quality Video & Audio through USB2.0 interface
* Support Brightness,Contrast,Hue and Saturation control
* The dimension suitable that is easy to carry
* Could capture audio without the sound card
* High plug&play
* Support For All Formats:record in DVD+/-R/RW,DVD+/-VR and DVD-Video
* Applying to internet conference /net meeting
* Complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev.2.0
* Support NTSC,PAL,SECAM,Video format
* Video input: One RCA composite,One S-Video
* Audio input: Stereo audio (RCA)
* Dimension
* USB bus power
* Support high quality video resolution
NTSC:720X480 @ 30fps
PAL:720X576 @ 25fps
System Requirements:
* USB: Compliant USB2.0 free port
* OS: Windows 2000,XP/Vista/10
* CPU: PentiumIII 800 above
* HD: 600MB of available hard drive space for program installation, 4GB+ hard drive space for video capture and editing
* Memory: 256MB of RAM
* Display: Windows-compatible display with at least 1024x768
* Sound card: compatible Widows-sound card

Package Contents:
* USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio
* USB Cable
* CD-ROM Software (included Driver and Application), Quick Installation Guide

VGA to HDMI Converter 


Product Accessories: VGA to HDMI Convert...

Product Specification

Product Accessories: VGA to HDMI Converter
Product Size: about 6CM * 5CM * 2CM
Input format: VGA + audio
Output format: HDMI



HDMI public TO VGA female adapter cable ...

Product Specification

HDMI public TO VGA female adapter cable with audio power cable

Product Features:
◇ The complete HDMI signal is converted to VGA output
◇ support digital signal to analog signal conversion
◇ Support HDCP support 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 version
◇ quick installation, simple operation, no need to set
◇ built-in conversion chip, hot-swappable.
◇ HDMI video input format: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p
◇ VGA video output format: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p

This section of the HDMI to VGA converter, the output VGA signal can be sent to CRT / LED displays, and projectors, etc., the input HDMI signal can be docked PS3, XBOX360, Blu-ray DVD, HD set-top box, LED monitors, HDTV TV VGA-IN, Projector VGA-IN, etc., can be easily without HDTV HDTV friends to solve the temporary problems.
The use of digital conversion chip, only the HDMI signal into VGA signal, the signal is not reduced, amplification and other technical processing,
HDMI output up to 1080P / 1.3, output and output exactly the same (point to point output).
The use of digital-to-analog conversion chip, high-definition high-speed HDMI video signals into analog signals, while the audio decomposition out, so that ordinary monitors to experience more pleasure brought by high-definition video life.
Parameter Description:
1: Video input interface - HDMIHDMI input cell: 720P, 1080I, 1080P
2: Video output interface - VGAAVGA output resolution: with the input HDMI signal and change
3: Support resolution: 800 * 600,1024 * 768,1280 * 720,1280 * 1024,1920 * 1080

USB3.1 Type-c To HDMI female + VGA mother frequency adapter cable 


USB3.1 Type-c To HDMI female + VGA mothe...

Product Specification

USB3.1 Type-c To HDMI female + VGA mother frequency adapter cable
Version: 3.1, HDMI supports 4K*2K,
chip: EP9632+CS4344(Audio)
Wire material: tinned copper 24AWG aluminum and magnesium wire weaving
Wire OD: 4.0MM
Appearance: aluminum alloy

Two ports HDMI Switcher Supports Ultra HD 4K 3D 1080P 


Two ports HDMI Switcher Supports Ultra H...

Product Specification

Two ports HDMI Switcher Supports Ultra HD 4K 3D 1080P




Product Specification

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