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Drag Chain / Robot Cable 


Drag Chain / Robot Cable *(Special ca...

Product Specification

Drag Chain / Robot Cable

*(Special cable for drag chains(without shield)
*(Special cable for drag chains(single sheath shield)
*(Special cable for rapid drag chains(double sheath shield)
*(Special cable for drag chains(single sheath pair shield)
*(Special cable for drag chains(double sheath pair shield)
*(Resistance to bend PUR chain cable)
*(Resistance to bend PUR shielding drag chain cable)

This series cable is widely used in woodworking machine, machine tool equipment, logistics conveyer system, crane and other machinery related equipment. Their special characteristics are
1. Able to bear heavier weight
2. Offer superior tensile strength
3. Provide superior bending durability
4. Excellent insulation
5. Longer bending life-span
6. The best solution for the industrial automation equipment
Welcome to download our robot cable catalog from the following link. For the items not found from this catalog, please feel free to contact us for their quotation.
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